9 Winter Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

         It is important to keep up maintenance for an outdoor landscape lighting system, even during the winter months. Providing consistent care for outdoor landscape lights will ensure that they are functioning properly, at optimal levels, and reduce any damages, harm, or the need for early replacement.

        How do you care for outdoor landscaping lights in the winter time? This blog offers 9 winter maintenance tips that lighting contractors can pass along to their clients to ensure that their outdoor landscape lighting system will make it through to the end of the winter season and beyond. 


  1. Choose Lighting Fixtures that are Winter-Friendly: Look for lighting fixtures that are made from durable materials such as brass. Brass lighting fixtures are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  2. Get fixtures with the Appropriate IP rating: Know the conditions of the location where the lights are to be placed. Then get fixtures with an IP rating that will ensure that they are suitable for such an environment. For example, a lighting fixture with an IP rating of IP65 means that that fixture is dust-proof and is protected against water jets. A fixture with such a rating is suitable for most outdoor environments.
  3. Clean Lenses and Fixtures: If there is dirt, dust, snow or other particles on the lighting fixtures, it could damage or weaken the light. Clean the lenses with a damp microfiber towel. Clear away debris to maintain optimal output of light.
  4. Know where the Lights are: Mark location of all lighting fixtures so they can be found underneath snow and put them back in place if they are knocked over.
  5. Do an Inspection: Inspect bulbs, fixtures, and cables for loose connections, exposed wiring, broken bulbs, or any other damage. Replace as soon as possible to ensure safety and functionality.
  6. Go for LEDs: LED bulbs are energy efficient and can perform well in cold temperatures. They have long lifespans and don’t need to be replaced as often as other bulbs.
  7. Prevent Water Intrusion: Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks and gaps in the lighting fixture. This will protect lighting fixtures and bulbs from any melting snow or ice from getting in and causing damage.
  8. Prevent snow or ice accumulation: To prevent snow or ice from getting on the lighting fixture, add a shield, cover, or tarp over them for protection.
  9. Use Timers: Automatic timers will help control when the lights are in use to save on energy costs and to ensure that they are not being overworked during the winter.

        When these tips are implemented, they can help prevent damage to lighting fixtures during the winter, guaranteeing they reach their full life expectancy.


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        Outdoor landscape lighting is a huge investment for your clients. They can provide safety, security, and a touch of elegance to any outdoor space during any season. Lighting contractors can advise their clients on proper maintenance so they can feel rest assured that investing in outdoor landscape lighting was a wise choice.

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