Avoid These 10 Outdoor Lighting Design Mistakes

        The benefits of outdoor landscape lighting cannot be underestimated. But installing outdoor lights isn’t as simple as inserting them into the ground and turning on a switch. Know about some common mistakes in creating an outdoor lighting design so they can be avoided. A mistake-free outdoor landscape lighting design will result in an outdoor lighting that enhances a property’s safety, security, and overall visual appeal.

        This week’s blog post will point out 10 common mistakes when it comes to creating an outdoor landscape design and how to fix them.



10 Mistakes to Avoid in Outdoor Lighting Design


  1. Not having a design:Having a plan for outdoor landscape lighting is essential before installing any lights. A plan will ensure that the correct number of lights, transformers, and other materials are gathered. It will also help ensure that areas are appropriately lit with proper light fixtures and their placement around the area.
  2. Choosing low-quality lighting: An outdoor environment presents unique challenges. Cheaper outdoor lights may be more costly in the long run because they will need to be replaced more often. Be sure to pick outdoor light fixtures that are rated for outdoor use and are constructed from a durable material such as brass. Doing so will ensure the longevity of the outdoor lighting fixtures.
  3. Overloading the transformer: A transformer is what powers low-voltage lighting. Make sure that the transformer can handle the electrical load of the outdoor landscape lighting system to prevent electrical issues and premature light failure. If not, more than one transformer may be needed.
  4. Using inadequate amount of power:Similar to the above, having the proper transformer or transformers will help ensure that the proper amount of voltage is being distributed to the light fixtures to avoid underwhelming illumination or electrical hazards. Ensuring proper voltage also leads to safe operation of the outdoor lights.
  5. Using the wrong type of fixture: There are many different types of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. Each type of fixture serves a different purpose. Knowing what these types of fixtures are and what effect they have will result in a better looking lighting and make the outdoor space pop.
  6. Placing lights too close together: Positioning the outdoor light fixtures too closely together doesn’t leave a pleasing appearance. Instead, the space can look like a cluttered mess, have distracting glare, and diminished ambiance. Instead, space out the outdoor lights for balance.
  7. Using too few lights: Not having enough outdoor lights can result in an unbalanced look and leave some areas dark. Keep in mind the size of the outdoor area and be sure to provide enough light that can improve visibility at night as well as enhance curb appeal.
  8. Using too many lights:On the other hand, too many lights can result in discomfort and are unattractive. Be weary of light trespass, as light shouldn’t disturb surrounding neighbors. Use just enough light fixtures to illuminate the specific area.
  9. Not using light and shadows: Some outdoor light fixtures have interesting shapes or cut outs that cast intricate shadows at night, providing depth and visual intrigue. Statues, shrubs, columns, or trees also have interesting shadows to utilize. Play around with light and the shadows casted to see what the effects are.
  10. Not keeping regular maintenance: Check and inspect the outdoor lights on a regular basis to promptly address any issues such as broken connections or burnt out bulbs. Clean fixtures to receive optimum illumination.



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