Mastering Outdoor Ambiance: Up Lighting vs Down Lighting

        Outdoor landscapes are beautiful during the day when colorful flowers, tall trees, and architectural details are on full display. Outdoor landscape lighting can let the landscape shine just as bright during the night. Two of the most common and popular outdoor landscape lighting techniques are up lighting and down lighting.

        What are up lights and down lights? This week’s blog post will break down the differences between these two lighting techniques, where to use them, and ultimately how they can work together to create stunning outdoor environments.


What is Up lighting?


        When light fixtures are installed above ground or flush to it, with a beam of light directed upward, that is called uplighting. Uplighting highlights tall structures or the texture of various outdoor elements.

        Some outdoor elements that are perfect to uplight include trees, architectural columns, arches, statues, and flagpoles. This type of lighting draws the attention upward, highlighting the majesty of these tall structures. It adds drama, depth, and artistic shadows to the outdoor space. Play around with uplights and the shadows they create to change a look. By playing around with their positioning, one can go from a crisp and clean look to something more dramatic.

        When deciding where to put up lights, be mindful of areas where they could get damaged by playing children or lawn maintenance. Also be aware of if the surrounding foliage will block the light. Use lids or glare guards to reduce glare and prevent light trespass.

         Up lights are a fantastic way to highlight specific features of an outdoor space.


What are Down Lights?


        Downlighting involves positioning of lights above an area and having the light directed downwards. Downlighting covers a larger area than uplighting and can create a soft, natural lighting effect. Use downlighting for outdoor areas that need more illumination, such as patios, garden beds, or other outside gathering spaces.

        A popular downlighting technique is moonlighting. Moonlighting places downlights in trees and at least 25 feet above the ground. The light mimics the light from the moon and gives a natural, ethereal glow down below.

        Down lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for general area lighting. They can also be used to light pathways and seating areas. Down lights are ideal for high traffic areas as they will not be tripping hazards. Consider concealing the down lights within tree canopies or among other features to enhance a more natural look.

        Down lighting is a great way to give illumination to a broad outdoor area and to mimic the ethereal glow of moonlight.


The Benefits of Using Both Up Lighting and Down Lighting


        While up lighting and down lighting have their own distinct advantages, the best way to utilize them is to combine them. Combining these two lighting techniques will create a more balanced and layered look. There are also up and down lights, a light fixture that has the illumination abilities of both up lights and down lights, to more easily achieve this look.

        Up lighting and down lighting an outdoor space will effectively highlight different features and areas while also making it more visually appealing by adding depth and dimension to the space. Experiment with the positioning of the light fixtures to see what effects will highlight the best features of the outdoor space. A great place to use up lights and down lights is the front entryway. Up lights can highlight any arches or columns, showcasing the brick, wood, stone or any other texture. Down lights will add functionality by lighting the porch or the front door.

        Get the best lighting by incorporating up lights and down lights and turn a mundane outdoor landscape into a beautiful nighttime haven.


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