Selecting the Best Outdoor Lighting for Any Outdoor Space

        Outdoor areas can be extensions of the home, where dinner parties, game nights, or a cozy, romantic date can take place. Lighting an outdoor area is a great investment and has many benefits like ensuring safe navigation at night, enhancing security, and increasing aesthetic value. The endless possibilities for outdoor lighting can be exciting, yet daunting at the same time.

        With so many options, how can one determine what’s the best outdoor lighting for a particular outdoor space?

        This week’s blog post offers some tips and factors to consider when choosing the best outdoor lighting that will brilliantly illuminate any outdoor environment.


Just Remember, it’s Personal


        Because no two outdoor spaces are the same, it’s important to note that there is no one correct way to light an outdoor space. The right lighting depends on the purpose of the space, style of the home, and personal taste.

        Think about the purpose of the space. If the outdoor space is going to be used for a lively party setting, then having outdoor string lights in a variety of different colors is the right outdoor lighting choice. For a more intimate outdoor dinner party, they might not be the right option.

        When deciding on what outdoor lights would look best, check to see if they will match the interior design scheme and the home’s architecture. This will ensure a more cohesive look.  

        Choose lighting that will highlight all the best features that make the outdoor space unique. In the end, it’s all about personal expression and creating a customized haven.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lighting


        Although the right outdoor lighting will vary from space to space, there are general guidelines that can help make the choice easier. Keep these factors in mind when out shopping for outdoor lighting for any outdoor space.

  • Consistent and Complementary Design
    • Outdoor lighting should align with the architectural style of the home and its interior design. For example, modern homes will have a sleek and clean look, so opt for outdoor light fixtures that have straight lines and a simple design rather than an ornate one.  
  • Color and Finish Coordination
    • Similarly to the above, when choosing the color and finish of the light fixtures, go with those that match the already existing color palette and hardware. Common finishes for outdoor lighting include brass, bronze, black, and oil-rubbed bronze. Sticking with the house’s color scheme ensures a seamless look.
  • The Right Size
    • Outdoor light fixtures should be the appropriate size for the space. If they are too small, there won’t be enough light and if they’re too big, they can overwhelm the space.
  • Proper Spacing
    • Be mindful of spacing of the outdoor lights. Proper spacing will avoid issues like overcrowding or underlighting of the area.
  • Illumination Levels
    • Knowing the purpose of the lighting (ambient, task, or accent lighting) will help determine how bright the lighting needs to be. For example, if it’s lighting for an intimate dinner party, consider opting for more subtle lighting. Lighting for functional spaces like outdoor kitchens, would probably need brighter light. Factors such as the amount of lumens and type of glass (clear, frosted) will help narrow down options when choosing the right light.
  • Durability of the Light Fixtures
    • The minimum IP rating for any outdoor light is IP44, though most outdoor lights will be rated IP65.   
    • Wet vs Damp Rating: A wet rating indicates that the light fixture is able to withstand being completely exposed to the elements such as rain, wind, salty breezes, and ice. Areas where wet rated light fixtures should be used include an outdoor pool area, lanai, or deck. Damp rated light fixtures can handle moist and damp areas, but cannot be exposed to direct water or snow. Install damp rated fixtures in covered areas like a covered patio.  
    • Brass, copper, and aluminum are the best materials for outdoor light fixtures since they are able to withstand the conditions of being outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • Safety and Regulations
    • Check with local, state, or HOA regulations to ensure the lighting meets the required standards and that they are installed safely and correctly.

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        When it comes to selecting the best outdoor lighting for any given outdoor space, it’s important to consider personal preference, the purpose of the outdoor space, and ensure that they are well-designed outdoor lighting fixtures. The best outdoor lighting solution will be the one that perfectly illuminates the outdoor space.

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