What are Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures?

Advantages of Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures


        Traditional lighting fixtures are lighting fixtures where the bulbs are separate from the lighting fixture. These two components come together to make up one lighting fixture. 

         Over the years, lighting technology has definitely grown rapidly. Advancements in lighting have changed the field in multiple ways. One such advancement is in LED technology. LEDs have become increasingly popular because they are efficient, durable, and versatile. 

        Investing in outdoor integrated fixtures can result in sleek, compact, and efficient lighting solutions. This blog post will share some key points about integrated lighting fixtures.


What are Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures?


        Integrated outdoor lighting fixtures are lighting fixtures where the lighting source is built into the fixture itself. When purchasing an integrated lighting fixture, there is no need to go searching for and purchasing separate parts. All of the parts necessary for that lighting fixture to operate are already built-in. 

        The components of the fixture are also provided by the same manufacturer. This guarantees the proper operation of the lighting fixture, as all its components are compatible with one another since they are sourced from the same manufacturer. 


Advantages of Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures


        Integrated outdoor landscape lighting fixtures offer a range of advantages that enhance the overall ambiance and sustainability of an outdoor landscape lighting system. These advantages include the fact that:

        LEDs are long-lasting. The lifespan for most LED fixtures is 50,000 hours or more. This means that LED lighting fixtures can last for years.

        LEDs are energy efficient. This efficiency translates into a lower electricity bill for users and can result in cost savings over time.

        The entire lighting fixture is one cohesive unit. Unlike other lighting fixtures where the fixture and bulbs are separate, one manufacturer provides both components.  

        Integrated outdoor landscape lighting fixtures come with less worry and fuss. They help ensure that any outdoor space can be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. 


Disadvantages of Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures


        Some may come across concerns about integrated lighting fixtures. Let's delve into them and demonstrate why they may not be valid worries.

        For integrated lighting fixtures, the lighting source is not easily replaced. In most cases, the entire lighting fixture would need to be changed out. Fortunately, due to the longevity of LEDs, they do not need to be replaced that often. 

        The cost of integrated lighting fixtures may be more than non-integrated fixtures. However, integrated lighting fixtures come equipped with everything necessary to operate. There is no need to separately buy any of its components.

        Some may argue that integrated lighting fixtures have drawbacks, however the benefits they offer outweigh them.


Outdoor Integrated Lighting Fixtures at LightCh8in


        At LightCh8in, we offer a selection of integrated lighting fixtures with LED chips built-in. This selection of integrated outdoor lighting fixtures include flood lights, path lights, up lights, and more. No matter what outdoor landscape lights you are looking for, these integrated lighting fixtures are sure to suit any outdoor landscape lighting project and enhance the aesthetics of an outdoor space. 


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