About Us
Britescape is a family owned business located in Seattle, WA.
Britescape focuses on 3 specific disciplines: Outdoor Lighting. Fine Gardening. Holiday Lighting.

Services Provided
Lighting: Design, install, maintain, amend, repair. Our lighting designs and installs have earned multiple awards for excellence and attention to detail. Every project is specifically designed for your space and budget. No project is too small or large.
Gardening: Britescape has year around dedicated horticulture gardeners managing your property. We are passionate about your healthy plants and that means tending to them throughout the year.
Holiday: Designing, installing, maintaining & take-down of holiday lights and decor. We have our own products and we provide custom solutions for your home or business.

Areas Served
Mostly Greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. We have installed special projects 150 miles away from Seattle

Contact Info
Add: 930 N 95th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Tel: 206-523-7366
Web: www.britescape.com