About Us
Founded in 1992, Outdoor Lighting Concepts' business model is based on bringing your home to life with light after dark. Many people have joined the industry, learning to install and sell lighting from representitives of Light manufacturers.  Bill Taylor, owner of Outdoor Lighting Concepts, learned the industry from a different perspective and it shows. Bill has traveled all over the southern states and to design and install lighting, treating each home as a canvas and lighting as his paint brush.

Designing lighting from the beginning of a project or lighting an existing home, discover why hundreds have been pleased to have Outdoor Lighting Concepts accent their home and enjoy the relationship with the experts.  Whether it is Moonlighting, accent lighting around a pool, or bringing out the architectural features of your home, Bill is willing to bring his expertise to your home.

Services Provided
Design and Installation of landscape lighting

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Add: 1316 KIRBY PKWY, Memphis, TN 38120
Tel: (901) 767-6773
Fax: (901) 767-6773
Web: www.wedolandscapelighting.com