LL166SSC LOTUS LED MR16 6W Solid State Color

Color: Red
Beam Spread: 45°
Qty: 1pc

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The LED MR16 LED lamp has been designed to fit into standard, low voltage, MR16 fixtures. These LED’s are thermally engineered to operate in enclosed fixture and provides added security by automatically cooling down (and reducing lumens output) only when exposed to extreme heat (air temperatures above 125F). In addition, there is no color shift when lumens output is reduced, and the overall lamp life is improved.

  • 6 watt
  • 9-17V AC/DC
  • IP65 Water-resistant
  • Dimmable with most magnetic transformers
  • Heat Overload Protection Technology
  • Fully potted PC board
  • ETL & FCC compliant

Package Info,

Dimension/Qty/Weight in Box Dimension/Qty/Weight in Carton
 10.35 * 4.33 * 2.48inch / 10pcs / 1.52lb 22.44 * 10.75 * 5.71inch / 100pcs / 16.53lb



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