7 Key Factors to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Landscape Lighting

        The rise in the popularity of outdoor landscape lighting systems is due to many of its benefits. Benefits of installing an outdoor landscape lighting system include improved safety and security of an outdoor space as well as enhanced curb appeal. An outdoor landscape lighting system is an investment, so it’s important to get it right the first time to prevent costly errors or unnecessary expenses.

        This week’s blog post will delve into the factors that need to be considered before installing outdoor landscape lighting. Use it as a simple guide to choosing the right outdoor landscape lighting system to brilliantly illuminate any outdoor space.  


The 7 Key Factors

        When installing an outdoor landscape lighting system, there are several key factors to consider to ensure the outdoor landscape lighting system is successful, efficient, and perfectly highlights any outdoor space.  


Purpose of the Outdoor Space

        The first and arguably most important factor to consider before installing outdoor landscape lighting systems is the purpose for the space. What is this space going to be used for and how can lighting enhance it? For example, if the space is going to be used for a cozy night time gathering, choose lighting that is warmer in color temperature, which will make the space more comfortable and inviting.


Design of the Outdoor Space

        Each outdoor space will have its own unique features and aesthetic. Outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose lighting and light fixtures that will best highlight the landscape and match the desired aesthetic for a cohesive and balanced look.


Choose the Right Wiring Method

        Choose a cable wiring method that best suits the outdoor space and also minimize voltage drop. Popular cable wiring methods include the daisy chain, hub, and loop method.



        Transformers are necessary to operate a low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system as they reduce power from 120V to a safer 12V. To determine the size of the transformer, use the below formula:


Size of transformer = (number of fixtures x wattage of each fixture) x 1.1


        It’s best to not exceed 80% capacity of any single transformer. If a single transformer can’t handle the load, either get a bigger transformer or add a second transformer.


Highlight Specific Areas

        There are various features and areas that should be illuminated. For example, if there are walkways, ensure they can be seen at night by installing path lights. Unique features of a space such as trees or a fountain can be highlighted by installing up lights or underwater lights. Specific and thoughtful lighting placement ensures safety while traversing the space and that the beauty of the space can also be appreciated in the dark.


Wattage vs Lumens

        When it comes time to pick out light bulbs, keep in mind the difference between wattage and lumens. While wattage is about how much energy a light bulb consumes, it isn’t an accurate indicator of brightness. To choose a light bulb with the desired brightness, look at the lumens, which is the indicator of how bright a light is.


Durability of Light Fixtures

        Before purchasing any light or light fixtures, double check that they are rated for outdoor use as being in an outdoor setting offers different challenges to an indoor environment. Be sure any light or light fixture has the appropriate UL and IP ratings for the outdoor space.


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        Installing an outdoor landscape lighting system is an investment. It is a worthwhile investment, but it does require planning. Keeping considerations such as purpose and intended effect in mind, can help lay the foundation for an outdoor landscape lighting system that will enhance the beauty and functionality of the outdoor space.

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