A Quick Guide to Installing Outdoor Path Lights

        Path lights are a popular outdoor landscape lighting fixture and usually the first installed onto a property. Outdoor path lights can be used to light up a path at night, making it easier to navigate. Depending on the style of the path lights, they can also illuminate unique features surrounding the path such as colorful flowers or shrubs, adding more beauty to the space at night.

        This week’s blog acts as a quick guide to installing outdoor landscape path lights for a brilliantly lit outdoor environment.


Tools and Materials


  • Garden trowel/shovel
  • Mallet
  • New path lights
  • Waterproof cable connectors
  • Low-voltage transformers


Preparing for Installation


        To prepare for path light installation, here are a few quick tips:

  • Digging a trench around 2-3 inches deep may be necessary to bury cable, to keep them hidden and ensure that it won’t be a tripping hazard.
    • Double check local ordinances or authorities ensure that digging into the land won’t interfere with any electrical lines or other underground utilities.
  • For a low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system, a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet is needed as this is where to connect a transformer. This helps to ensure safe electrical connections.
  • Calculate the electrical load of the outdoor landscape lighting system.
    • Depending on the load and the fact that transformers shouldn’t go beyond 80% of their capacity, more than one transformer may be necessary to power path lights.


Steps to Install Outdoor Path Lights


        Below are general guidelines for installing path lights to any outdoor space. Follow all manufacturer instructions for smooth and fully operational outdoor path lights.


  1. Create a drawing or sketch of the outdoor area to help plan positioning of the path lights.
  2. Gather all materials needed for installation.
  3. Assemble the path lights by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Mark with a garden shovel where each path light will be.
  5. Dig a small hole large enough to fit in the path light. Use a mallet to securely mount stakes into the ground. Ensure they are stable and secure.
  6. Place light onto stakes.
  7. Run cable and use connectors to connect each light to the transformer.
  8. To hide cable, bury it in a shallow trench. Push cable into trench and cover with dirt.
  9. Turn on the power and check the lights to ensure they are working properly. Fix issues as they arise.


Additional Tips for Easy Outdoor Path Light Installation


        Keep in mind these tips to make installing path lights go smoother.

  • Path lights should provide guidance down the path using gentle light.
  • Double check that the path lights are outdoor rated and have the appropriate IP rating suited for an outdoor environment.
  • Space path lights 6-8 feet apart. This will help avoid overlighting and give a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Keep up regular maintenance of the path lights. Replace damaged or worn out bulbs, fixtures, or cable in a timely manner to keep the outdoor landscape lighting system operating smoothly.
  • Contact or consult with a licensed electrician if anything is unclear or uncertain to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.


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        Adding path lights to any outdoor space is a great way to increase visibility and add visual appeal. Installation of low-voltage outdoor path lights is relatively simple, but be sure to follow all safety guidelines or refer to an electrician to fully enjoy the path lights.

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