A Smart and Bright Idea: The Advantages of Smart Outdoor Lighting

        Outdoor lighting can transform any outdoor environment into a stunning setting for parties, dances, or any other fun outdoor activity. In addition to enhancing curb appeal, outdoor lighting offers other advantages for an outdoor space, including increasing safety and security. With modern technology, outdoor lighting has also become more convenient and customizable. With one push of a button, it’s easy to instantly create a personalized outdoor paradise.  

        This week’s blog post lists seven advantages of having a smart outdoor  lighting system and explains why it is a must have for any outdoor area.


7 Advantages of Smart Outdoor Lighting


        Outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes. It can showcase the beauty of the space at night, while keeping away unwanted intruders. Smart outdoor lighting takes things one step further and is the way of the future.  Here are seven advantages of incorporating smart lighting into an outdoor area:


  1. Power of Convenience: Controlling outdoor lighting becomes simple. With a smartphone, tablet, or app, press a button and the lights can be turned on or off, even miles away.
  2. Making it Easy: Smart lights can easily be adjusted. Set lighting schedules, brightness levels, and even colors from anywhere, without having to go somewhere to flip the switches.
  3. Save Energy: Smart lighting systems usually use LED bulbs. LEDs consume less energy. They also have a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs. Smart lighting also allows the lights to be programmed to turn off when they’re no longer needed, resulting in even more energy savings.
  4. The Perfect Outdoors: Smart outdoor lighting can personalize a space to make it comfortable, inviting, and fit a specific need. Smart lighting also offers different color options and lighting effects which can create a variety of different moods for different occasions. For example, turn up the brightness for task oriented activities like cooking or dim them for a more cozy atmosphere for dinner.
  5. Customizable Zone Control: Smart lights can be grouped to create different zones around an outdoor space. Each zone can be tailored for different lighting setups. For example, one zone could be for an outdoor deck and another zone could be to highlight the rose bushes.
  6. Seamless Integration: Smart lighting systems can integrate with already existing smart technologies such as Google Nest or the Amazon Echo.
  7. Enhanced Home Security: Adding motion sensors or setting a schedule for when the lights come on can deter unwanted intruders.


        With these advantages, it’s not a difficult decision to go with smart lighting.


Be Smart with LightCh8in


        Smart lighting is the top choice to illuminate any outdoor area. It offers many benefits including convenience and showcasing an outdoor space at night.

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