Top 7 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation Mistakes to Avoid

         A beautifully designed and well maintained outdoor landscape should be admired at all times. After all, what’s all the hard work for if not to enjoy it?

        Outdoor landscape lighting is the perfect solution for night time enjoyment of an outdoor area. However, the installation process of the lights is more than sticking lights all over the place. It takes knowledge and know-how to install outdoor lighting in a way to achieve its full potential.

        This week’s blog post will reveal how to avoid the top seven mistakes made when installing an outdoor landscape lighting system. By avoiding these mistakes, a well-designed landscape lighting system can transform any outdoor area into a stunning, outdoor haven.


Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid


        When it comes to installing outdoor lighting, be sure to avoid these top seven mistakes:

  1. Not Having a Plan: Creating a plan for installing outdoor lights can help determine where to best position the lights,  visualize what their effects will be, and avoid issues like glare. Following a plan will make installation go smoothly.
  2. Choosing the Wrong Fixtures: There are many different types of outdoor light fixtures such as path lights, flood lights, underwater lights, and more. Each type of light fixture serves a different purpose. The right light fixture will give off the desired effect, ensuring safety and beauty of the outdoor space.
  3. Lighting Fixtures aren’t Outdoor Rated: To ensure longevity, durability, and optimal performance, choose light fixtures that are outdoor rated with the proper IP rating for the outdoor environment. Use light fixtures that are made from a weather-resistant material, like brass, to protect them against the elements. Lighting fixtures that aren’t intended for outdoor use won’t last long or could even be dangerous.
  4. Not Using Waterproof Connections: Ensure that connections are able to withstand the challenges of being outdoors and buried underground. Use waterproof connectors to prevent any issues with moisture.  
  5. Overloading the Transformer: Be sure to choose a transformer that can handle the electrical load or split the load with multiple transformers. Doing so will help avoid issues like tripping and electrical failure.  
  6. Having one type of Lighting: Consider implementing different types of lighting for various applications to create a balanced and effective lighting scheme.
  7. Not Being Mindful of Glare: Lighting shouldn’t be disruptive or intrusive to other areas or people. Be thoughtful of light placement and using shields could also help reduce glare.  
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        A well designed outdoor landscape lighting system has many advantages such as adding curb appeal and providing safe navigation through a space. Avoiding the top seven mistakes when installing outdoor landscape lighting can result in an outdoor environment that sparkles in the night.  

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