Create a Brilliant Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

        Much care and attention is put into the creation of outdoor spaces such as gardens, pools, or decks. Why shouldn’t they be enjoyed at all hours? Outdoor landscape lighting systems do wonders for any outdoor space. But in order to have an outdoor landscape lighting system that perfectly complements a given outdoor space, careful planning and designing must take place.

        This blog will illuminate the steps to create an outdoor landscape lighting plan that enhances the beauty of any outdoor environment.


Know the Outdoor Space  


        Get familiar with the outdoor space and answer the following questions: What will the space be used for? What is the functionality of the space? What is the desired atmosphere? What are the lighting goals? Set the ambiance? Help in completing a task? Highlight specific features of the outdoor space? The perfect outdoor lighting design for an outdoor space depends on these answers.

        Each outdoor space has its own unique features to light up. Walk the space and take note of any areas or features that need to be lit. Are there stairs that need to be safely navigated? Where should outdoor lights be placed to draw attention to the outdoor pool area? What’s the best outdoor light to highlight the magnificent oak tree? 

         Having a sketch of the area will also help to visualize the size and layout of the space. Intimately knowing the area can help keep the outdoor lights balanced and in harmony with the space as well as avoiding any unwanted glare, shadows or dark spots.

        Any outdoor space can be upgraded by adding outdoor landscape lights. A darkened driveway can be improved with well lights for better visibility. A well-lit garden can be enjoyed at all hours of the day and night. A patio can be made cozy and welcoming with the right outdoor landscape lights installed. 

        Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when creating an outdoor lighting design:

  • Consider using LED lights as they are energy efficient and last longer.
  • Plan ahead for potential changes to the landscape or outdoor lighting system.
  • Avoid overlighting areas.
  • For efficient operation, use timers, photocells, or motion sensors in the outdoor landscape lighting system.


Choose Different Lighting Options for a Dynamic Look 


        With a defined purpose and a clear vision for the outdoor space in mind, it’s time to determine which outdoor landscape light fixtures can help bring it to life. 

        From wall-mounted to ground mounted outdoor landscape lights, there are a variety of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to choose from. Different types of outdoor landscape lights serve different purposes and each type has their own distinct styles, designs, colors. For example, it’s necessary to light a pathway for safe navigation at night. Outdoor landscape path lights offer not only functionality, but pleasing aesthetics as well. As they come in many different styles, finishes, and designs, choose path lights best suited to personal style and taste. To help streamline the decision, just as was done before, determine what the desired lighting effect is. 

        Combining various light types and lighting techniques will result in unique outdoor lighting effects. Use up lights to highlight focal points around the outdoor space and flood lights to provide a wash of light for larger areas. Incorporating down lights will help create a moonlight effect and add dimension to the outdoor space. Color temperature also contributes to the effect lighting will have. Warmer colors around the 2700K range will make a space feel more welcoming.

        Choosing the right outdoor landscape lighting fixtures will further enhance the overall ambiance of an outdoor space.


Take the First Step in Outdoor Lighting with LightCh8in


        In order to have a brilliant outdoor landscape lighting system, a well-thought out outdoor landscape lighting design that aligns with the outdoor space’s needs, purpose, and the desired effect is crucial. Knowing the outdoor space’s needs, goals, and purpose, choosing high quality outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to ensure a durable installation and getting creative are the components to designing a unique lighting system.

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