Showcase Water Elements with Outdoor Underwater Lights

        There are many ways to add appeal and visual interest to an outdoor space. Water features are popular elements to add or highlight in an outdoor space.

        Water features include pools, waterfalls, fountains, and more. A pool area provides the perfect spot to entertain guests, especially on a hot summer day. A koi pond filled with beautiful fish can provide the ideal place for relaxation. With such great features, why enjoy them only during the daytime?

        This blog will shine light on what underwater lights are, how to use them, and some things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect underwater lights to illuminate water features.


What are Underwater Lights? 


        During the day, water features like ponds, pools, and fountains are effortlessly showcased. But at night, they can get lost in the dark. The addition of outdoor landscape lights can help create an enchanting ambiance. Lighting up water features is essential not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety as well. For example, keeping a pool area well lit can help prevent any accidental falls or injuries in the area.

        Underwater lights are specifically designed to be underwater for a sustained period of time. They are water-tight to ensure no water is able to come into the light fixture. Have confidence that the perfect underwater light for enhancing any water feature is available as underwater lights come in various types, styles, and finishes.


Designing a Lighting Plan with Underwater Lights  


        Careful planning and a well-thought out design are crucial to pulling off a well-lit water feature. Regardless of the outdoor space’s size, there’s a water feature that is sure to enhance and complement it perfectly.

        The use and placement of underwater lights are highly dependent on the type of water feature that is to be illuminated and the desired effect. For example, underwater lights can be used to: 

  • Illuminate the movement of water 
  • Backlight a waterfall or the underside of a tiered fountain
  • Spotlight water features such as a bridge or boulder
  • Light up koi ponds
  • Colorful lights can set a festive mood for a pool party

         To determine the best underwater lights, focus on how underwater lights can enhance a specific outdoor space and its needs.


Things to Keep in Mind About Underwater Lights


        Ready to go out and choose underwater lights for a pool, pond, fountain, or another water feature? Keep these four considerations in mind when choosing underwater lights: 

  • Confirm that the underwater light is constructed from a durable material such as brass. Brass will be able to withstand being submerged in water for a sustained period of time.
  • Do not use outdoor light fixtures that are not meant to be placed in wet settings or underwater. Always use underwater lights in these areas as they are specifically designed for such environments.
  • Ensure that the outdoor light fixture’s IP ratingis appropriate for an underwater setting. This will further protect it from damages and ensure that it operates at an optimal level.
  • Regularly clean and inspect the underwater lights for any damages or blockages to keep it functioning properly. Address any issues promptly.
  • UseLED lights as they are energy efficient, have long lifespans, and produce less heat. 
  • Consider the desired lighting effects. For example, a warm color temperature can make a space more inviting.  
  • Vary the brightness of the underwater lights. This will help to create diverse moods and enhance the water feature’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Follow installation procedures and adhere to electrical codes. 


Get Underwater Lights at LightCh8in


        A water feature in an outdoor space adds beauty, relaxation, and can provide a cool way to entertain guests. To enjoy them at all hours of the day and night, light them up with underwater lights. Be mindful of the placement of underwater lights, the material they are made from, and follow all instructions to ensure a safe, and cool spot in an outdoor space.   

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