Enhance Permeable Pavers with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

        The growing concern for the changing climate and the interest in sustainable practices have led to people searching for greener solutions to the way things are traditionally done. Fortunately in modern times, it is easy to be environmentally friendly and be aesthetically pleasing.

        One eco-friendly option is installing permeable pavers. Permeable pavers have become a more popular alternative to traditional pavers. This blog will delve into what permeable pavers are, their pros and cons, and the benefits of installing outdoor landscaping lights to them.


What are Permeable Pavers?


        Pavers are a type of hardscape that can be used to line outdoor areas such as patios, driveways, walkways, and courtyards. There are two types of pavers: traditional pavers and permeable pavers.

        Traditional pavers, or non-permeable pavers, are solid surfaces made from sand and/or concrete and are laid on top of the dirt ground. They can be used in areas such as driveways, walkways, or patios. They can be in any color and made into any design. The problem is that they are not eco-friendly and water pools on their surfaces. This can contribute to problems like rain runoff and soil erosion. 

        Then there are permeable pavers. They can be used in place of traditional pavers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists many options for permeable pavers such as “pervious asphalt, pervious concrete, interlocking pavers, and plastic grid pavers.” The main difference between the two is that permeable pavers allow water to permeate through it and infiltrate the ground. The ability of water to go through the paver is huge for sustainability as will be discussed in the next section.

        It’s clear to see that installing permeable pavers is the better option as it not only looks good but can be good for the environment as well.


Permeable Pavers: A Sustainable Solution


        Installing permeable pavers to an outdoor landscape has many advantages especially in terms of sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

        Permeable pavers are a sustainable hardscape option for any outdoor area because water doesn’t collect on the surface. Due to their design of wider, more open joints and base composition, water is instead absorbed back into the earth, which can help prevent stormwater runoff, soil erosion, and pollution. It can also help replenish groundwater reserves. Permeable pavers can reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than traditional pavers. This can result in a more comfortable and pleasant outdoor environment.

        Aesthetically permeable pavers come in many different materials, sizes, and colors. They can be minimalist and offer a cleaner appearance. The absence of standing water and efficient drainage contribute to a tidy and well-maintained look. Finding a permeable paver to fit any desired look is easy. 

        While initial costs of permeable pavers are higher than that of traditional pavers, there is no doubt that permeable pavers are the best option for outdoor hardscapes.


Installing Outdoor Landscape Lights to Complement Permeable Pavers


        With all the labor that goes into creating, installing, and maintaining permeable pavers to enhance an outdoor area, it is only natural to want to enjoy the space as much as possible. Outdoor landscape lights can make that happen.

        Hardscape lights are one way to help showcase all of that hard work at night. Install them directly into surrounding structures such as retaining walls, steps or stairs, and driveways. Hardscape lights will be able to illuminate any hazards in the area and provide some ambiance to the outdoor space.

        Path lights are another outdoor lighting option. They come in many different sizes, designs, and colors so it’s easy to find one to blend into any artistic vision. Use path lights to illuminate pathways to make navigating them easier in the dark.

        Up lights and down lights are always a popular choice for outdoor landscape lighting. Look for the outdoor space’s unique features to beautifully highlight them. These light fixtures turn trees, flagpoles, and statues into interesting and visually appealing focal points in an outdoor space.

        Installing various outdoor landscape lights will extend enjoyment of the space even after the sun sets.


Enhance Any Hardscape with LightCh8in


        As outdoor landscape lighting contractors, it is important to keep note of the many different ways and materials that people will use when designing their outdoor spaces. This attention to detail can contribute to expanding your business and attracting a broader client base. One growing and popular green option in hardscaping is permeable pavement. They can be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing to use in driveways, pathways, or courtyards.

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