Outdoor Lighting Tips for Winter Environments

        As winter sets in, the mood changes with the new season. People bundle up underneath layers of clothes as the weather gets colder. The days get a little shorter as night falls faster. But the winter does not mean confining ourselves indoors. 

        The right outdoor landscape lighting will turn the arrival of winter to an opportunity to illuminate your world with warmth and beauty.


Outdoor Activities for Winter Nights 


        Use outdoor landscape lighting to embrace the winter nights and not let them get in the way of spending time and creating memories with loved ones.

        Gathering around a fire pit is a popular winter nighttime activity. Roasting marshmallows to make smores is the most popular thing to do. Invest in installing hardscape lights around the area to provide additional safety and a more aesthetic appeal.

        Host an outdoor dinner party. Outdoor heaters will keep guests warm and adding bistro lights can add a bit of elegance and whimsy to the space.

        Dance the winter night away! RGB lights provide the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor dance party. They are versatile and can change colors to create a lively dance floor. Everything is controlled through a smart app, so a single push of a button equals instant fun. Grab a dance partner and blast the music.

        An outdoor deck is a fantastic place to spend time with loved ones. Installing deck lights will help illuminate an outdoor deck area. A well lit deck will keep visitors aware of stairs or other hazards and reduce the risk of trips and falls during the winter nights. 

         Outdoor landscape lighting helps extend treasured time with family and friends with outdoor activities.


Create a Beautiful Winter Wonderland


        Incorporate a variety of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to create a unique outdoor space to brighten up winter nights.

        Flood lights are a great way to add a wash of light to an area. They come in many different sizes. designs, and shapes. Use flood lights in between up lights or to softly light up the background. They are a terrific tool in deterring unwanted visitors during the night.

        To navigate safely in the dark, add path lights along any walkway. These fixtures come in many designs, so finding one that will suit any aesthetic is easy. Stagger them along both sides of the walkway for a more aesthetic look. Depending on their placement, path lights can also illuminate the area around them like surrounding plants to bring more interesting visual appeal.

        If there are focal points in an outdoor space, use down lights or up lights to highlight them. Moon lighting, a down light lighting technique, gives a natural moonlight effect. Up lights can be used to place focus on tall structures, such as columns, trees, or statues.  

        Installing outdoor landscape lighting can transform any outdoor environment into a beautiful winter wonderland that no one will want to leave.


Illuminate the Winter Sky with LightCh8in


        Now that it is winter, it does not mean the outdoors can no longer be enjoyed. Keeping a well lit outdoor environment during the winter months not only ensures safety, but creates a nice and warming atmosphere even on the chilliest nights. 

        At LightCh8in, we have an impressive inventory of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, such as path lights, flood lights, up lights, and lighting accessories to keep the fun going all winter long. Log into or sign up for a LightCh8in account now.