Enhancing Outdoor Decks with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

        An outdoor deck is a fantastic part of a home. It’s a lovely place to start the day, eating breakfast as the sun rises. It provides the perfect setting to catch up with some friends over lunch. But who says outdoor decks can only be enjoyed during the daytime? Imagine it as a place to wind down as the sun sets over the horizon. Deck lights and outdoor landscape lighting can make it a reality.

        This week’s blog post will offer tips and decor ideas for illuminating an outdoor deck to enhance its usability, safety, and atmosphere.


Ideas for Lighting an Outdoor Deck


        The possibilities to light an outdoor deck are endless. Below are just some ideas to light up an outdoor deck.


  • Install path lights for navigating pathways to and from the deck.
  • Up lights are great to highlight focal points around the deck such as trees or statues.
  • Properly light stairs with surface mount lights or LED lights to keep them visible.
  • Vertical post lights added to deck railing will enhance safety and add a warm, inviting feel to the space. They are versatile and can cover a broad area or be concentrated to light a smaller area.
  • Post cap lights not only accessorize the railing, but also provide a gentle glow and draw attention to the deck’s details. They mark the perimeter of the deck and can be installed under the rim.
  • String lights are another popular outdoor light fixture to add whimsy and jazz up a deck. They are versatile; wrap them along posts or let them hang down like a curtain over an entryway.
  • Embedded deck lights offer a modern look. They are hidden during the day, but at night they are perfect to outline the edges of a deck or highlight other landscape features.
  • Lanterns and candles offer a bit of flickering light and can be used to add a bit of personality and creativity to a deck.
  • Rail lights can also illuminate the deck’s perimeter and highlight any details on the railing. They can be hidden underneath the rails for a clean look.
  • If the deck is covered, an outdoor chandelier or pendant lights are a great option. They can be a focal point while providing ample light for dining and entertaining.   


Outdoor Deck Lighting Tips


        Knowing how to best light an outdoor deck depends on the specific layout, style, needs, and purpose of the deck. Because each deck will be different, there is no one-size-fits-all outdoor lighting design. However, the below are some general tips to keep in mind when starting to create a lighting design for an outdoor deck.

  • How is the deck to be used? What areas would need to be lit for aesthetic and safety purposes? Create a sketch to help answer these questions and plan for light positioning.
  • Position outdoor lights to highlight potential hazards like stairs, to increase safe navigation through the space.
  • Focus light on the best features of the deck and its surroundings to draw attention to them. This will showcase the beauty of the outdoor space.
  • Be mindful of the color of the light. Warm colored light can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Cooler colored lighting is best suited for completing tasks like cooking.
  • Choose the right light fixtures that are suitable for being in an outdoor environment. Double check to see that they are made from a durable material like brass and have the appropriate IP rating.
  • Comply with all local building codes to ensure safety.


LightCh8in Makes an Outdoor Deck Shine


        An outdoor deck adds great value to any home. Installing deck lights and other outdoor landscape lights is a great way to create a customized outdoor environment suitable for any occasion.  

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