Why a Front Yard Needs Outdoor Landscape Lighting

        With carefully maintained lawns, perfectly pruned plants, and colorful foliage, the beauty of the front of a home is evident during the day. But as night creeps in, its beauty can be obscured. That is why outdoor landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment to any home. A great outdoor landscape lighting system can transform an otherwise hidden paradise into a shining, magnificent space. Proper placement of outdoor landscape fixtures makes the biggest difference in how a home is showcased after the sun sets.
        This week’s blog post will examine the importance of illuminating the front yard and offer valuable tips on creating a lighting design that will highlight the unique and beautiful features of any front yard.


4 Reasons to Light the Front Yard


         The front of a home and the surrounding yard set the atmosphere for the entire property as they are the first things visitors and guests see. Outdoor landscape lighting can ensure that a property makes a good first impression, no matter the time of day or night.

  • Creating the Mood: Thoughtfully positioned outdoor landscape lights can create a cozy, warm, and welcoming environment.
  • Showcase Beauty: Outdoor landscape lighting can highlight the wonderful and unique features of the front yard, such as architectural elements, arches, columns, and flora at night.
  • Enhance Security: A well-lit front yard means unwanted visitors or trespassers will be more likely to leave the property alone.
  • Safety at Night: Outdoor lighting such as path lights or deck lights can guide people through paths or up stairs at night, allowing for safe navigation through the outdoor space at night.

        For these reasons and more, installing outdoor landscape lighting in the front yard is the perfect option to enhance the beauty of a home.


Tips for Lighting the Front of a Home


        Every home and front yard will have its own unique features and therefore have a unique outdoor landscape lighting design that is best suited for it. However, below are some general front yard lighting tips to make any front yard shine.  

  • Use lighting techniques such as up lighting or moonlighting to put focus on taller architectural features like columns, entryways, plants, and trees.
  • Incorporate different types of light with various wattages and spreads. This will help create depth in and around the front yard.
  • Avoid glare by positioning lights away from doors or windows. Consider using lights that have dome shades and are downward-facing to keep light in the intended direction.
  • Flood lights, up lights, path lights, wall lights all serve different purposes. Use a mix of these fixtures to create a more dynamic look.

         The careful selection and positioning of outdoor landscape lights can create a stunning front yard that will add value to any property.


Light Up Front Yards with LightCh8in


        With a thoughtfully designed and well-executed outdoor landscape lighting system, the front of a home will surely shine like a diamond in the dark.  

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