How To Install Underwater Lights?

        An outdoor pool or pond adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space. An outdoor pool is a space to entertain and have fun, after all who doesn’t like a pool party? A koi pond could offer a place to simply relax. Installing underwater lights to these water features not only enhances the ambiance of these spaces, but also improves safety around them as the sun sets.

        This blog will dive into what underwater lights are, offer advice on choosing the right underwater lights, and provide basic underwater light installation tips to light up this special outdoor feature.


Choosing the Right Underwater Lights


         Underwater lights are ideal to light up a pool, pond, or any other water feature. Like all outdoor light fixtures, underwater lights are rated for use outdoors. But unlike most lights, underwater lights are specially designed and built to withstand wet or underwater environments. They have watertight seals and waterproof connections to protect against water damage. Be sure to choose underwater lights with at least an IP rating of IP68. Choosing any other light to light up a wet or underwater environment could be dangerous and cause serious harm.

        Choosing the right underwater light will ensure that a pool, pond, or any other water feature gets the proper illumination.


Basic Steps to Install Underwater Lights  


        Ready to install underwater lighting to a pool or pond? While it's ideal to adhere to manufacturer-specific instructions, here are some general guidelines to get started.

  1. Before getting the underwater lights, know the purpose for the lights. Are the lights primarily for safety or aesthetic reasons? Is there a way to do both?
  2. Knowing the layout, size, and depth of the pool or pond will help determine the number of lights and the strength of lights needed to properly light up the space. 
  3. Consider using the lights to highlight features such as a waterfall, bridge, or some other unique aspect about the space.
  4. Calculate the number of light fixtures needed to optimally light up the pool or pond. Choose a transformer or transformers that can handle the electrical load.
  5. Get light fixtures and other supplies from LightCh8in.
  6. Install lighting fixtures by following manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols.
  7. Enjoy the pool or pond at any time!


Tips for Installing Underwater Lights


        Installing the right underwater lights will definitely give any pool or pond that added glow! Here are some additional tips to ensure installation of underwater lights goes smoothly: 

  • Water refracts light. There will be some trial and error in determining the placement and strength of light needed for the desired effect.
  • Before installation, be sure that everything is off for safety.
  • For a more seamless look, consider covering any exposed cable with decorative rocks, plants, or bury them in shallow trenches.
  • Choose underwater light fixtures made from durable materials like bronze to ensure their longevity.
  • Prevent glare by directing the underwater lights away from eye level.
  • Incorporate underwater lighting with other outdoor landscape lighting techniques to create a more harmonious setting.
  • Use water tight connections to ensure safety and longevity of the underwater lights.


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        A pool and a pond are great features of any outdoor space. They are excellent places to relax or have fun, whether alone or with loved ones! Give them the attention they deserve at any time of the day or night, by installing underwater lights! Underwater lights can improve safety and enhance the ambiance of an outdoor pool or pond. 

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