Brighten an Outdoor Deck with Outdoor Lighting

        An outdoor deck is a wonderfully versatile space for any home. It is a great place to entertain guests with a game night, relax with a cup of coffee in the morning, or just enjoy the outdoors. But they aren’t just reserved for the daylight hours. Consider installing outdoor landscape lights such as deck lights to extend its use into the nighttime. 

        In this blog, discover what deck lights are, their significance for an outdoor deck, as well as tips for selecting the perfect deck lights to elevate the ambiance of any outdoor deck.


Why Install Deck Lights?


        Deck lights serve many purposes for decks. They illuminate high-traffic areas such as stairs or steps, preventing falls or accidents. They can also highlight the materials used to build the deck or decorative posts and railings. A well lit area increases security as it deters potential intruders. Use deck lights to create a mood or set the ambiance for any setting.

        Strategically placed deck lights can enhance safety around an outdoor deck and set the perfect ambiance for any occasion.


What are Deck Lights? 


        Deck lights are outdoor lights that are designed to be installed on outdoor decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces. They come in many different designs, styles, and finishes, making it easy to find deck lights to suit any aesthetic or design. Some popular deck light fixtures include:

  • Post Cap Lights: These lights cast a uniform amount of light around the perimeter of the deck. Install them on top of posts or railings.
  • Rail Lights: This type of lights are installed under the rails of the deck. They provide illumination to the deck’s perimeter, but they can also highlight the architectural details of the railings. They stay out of sight during the day, but at night, they provide enough light to highlight the deck and potential hazards.
  • Step Lights: They can be unobtrusive during the day and provide light at night to enhance the safety of navigating stairs and steps in the dark. Install step lights on the risers of the stairs, along the perimeter of the deck, or directly onto the deck boards.
  • String Lights: They provide ambient lighting to make an outdoor deck warm and inviting and add a festive touch. They can also highlight specific areas of the deck. Hang string lights in a variety of ways such as around the posts, railings, or from the ceiling. String lights can be cost effective as they can be used year-round.
  • In Deck Lights: These lights are installed anywhere into the decking itself. They provide general illumination and can highlight specific areas or features if desired. Although their light shines upward, they are discreet and unobtrusive. They blend seamlessly with the surface of the deck.

        With these deck lighting options, there are an unlimited number of ways to personalize lighting to suit any need or design.


Deck Out in Style with LightCh8in


        Extend the enjoyment of an outdoor deck by lighting it up! With so many outdoor lighting options available to light an outdoor deck, personalizing it and creating your own unique space is effortless. Installing outdoor deck lights enhance the safety of navigating the deck at night, define its boundaries, and also add a delightful ambiance to the outdoor area. 

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