How to Use Down Lights to Illuminate Outdoor Landscapes ?

        Since there are many techniques to utilize when lighting an outdoor space, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. After all, making strategic lighting choices is important when creating an outdoor landscape lighting design. One of the most popular and common techniques for outdoor landscape lighting is down lighting. 

        What are down lights? How can down lights be used in an outdoor space? What transformative effects do down lights have on an outdoor environment? These answers to the most common questions about outdoor down lights will enable a remarkable transformation of any outdoor environment.


What are Down Lights?


        Down light fixtures are those that are fixed in a high position and cast a light down toward the ground. They come in many different designs, sizes, and finishes. There are also low voltage down lighting options available.

        For purposes of outdoor landscape lighting, choose brass downlights that are rated at least IP65. Brass is a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and well-suited to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. A rating of IP65 ensures that the down light fixture can be suitable for outdoor environments.

        Paired with up lights, down lights can add elegance and create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed throughout the night.


What is the Difference Between Down Lights and Up Lights?


        While down lights shine a light down toward the ground, up lights cast a beam of light upwards. 

        Up lights are fixed on the ground. They have a narrower beam of light and are used to put focus on specific elements in an outdoor environment. Unique features such as statues, flag poles, or other tall structures are highlighted using up lights. 

        Down lights on the other hand, are placed in high positions such as on a wall or tree. The light from down lights illuminates the ground or other features below them. Generally, down lights cast a wider area of light compared to up lights. 


Where to Place Down Lights?


        Outdoor landscape down lights are versatile and therefore can serve many roles in landscape lighting design.

        Down lights can be used to illuminate a space, like a patio or deck, and make it feel intimate, warm, and comforting. 

        If an outdoor environment has distinctive features, such as colorful plants or art pieces, down lights could also be used to highlight them from above.

         Use down lights along pathways or areas without much lighting to ensure safe navigation through these spaces in the dark. 

        No matter what needs there are to be fulfilled, outdoor down lights serve many purposes including adding safety, highlighting features, and enhancing the aesthetics of an outdoor space. 


Moonlighting: A Down Lighting Effect

        A popular technique for down lighting is moonlighting. Moonlighting is a way to use down lights to imitate the moon’s soft cast of light. To achieve this moonlighting effect, down lights are positioned up high, approximately 20-30 feet, on large trees. When light is casted, it dapples through the tree’s branches and leaves to create a soft, almost natural, ambiance and interesting shadows on the ground. Moonlighting can transform an ordinary outdoor space into an ethereal one.


Down Lights Offered at LightCh8in


        When it comes to executing an aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting plan, knowing about common techniques and tools is key. Then they can be used to bring out unique features of any outdoor space. Down lights are one of the most popular techniques and tools to use when creating an outdoor landscape lighting design. They can elevate both the aesthetic and functionality of any outdoor environment. 

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