What are the Trends for Outdoor Lighting in 2024?

        A new year is just around the corner. It is a perfect time to take a step back to reflect and at the same time look forward. What does the future have in store for outdoor landscape lighting? 

        These top five upcoming outdoor landscape lighting trends predicted for the coming new year are set to transform gardens, pathways, and outdoor living areas into enchanting realms of both beauty and functionality.


 Connecting with Others and Nature


        A big trend in 2024 is that people are spending more time outside with their friends and family. The Turfmutt Foundation published their predictions for “backyarding” trends in 2024. According to them, “‘[b]ackyarding’ [is] the act of taking activities typically associated with the indoors outside into the green space around us.” Among their predictions are people investing in their current indoor and outdoor spaces and looking to turn their backyard into a fun place to hang out with friends and family.

        Expanding activities to the outdoors and into the night will require installation of outdoor landscaping lights. Continue reading on to find out some outdoor landscape lighting trends for 2024 to incorporate into the next outdoor lighting project.


LED Lighting


        LED lights have been growing in popularity when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting and for good reason.  

        With a long lifespan, great energy-efficiency, and durability, it is no wonder that LED lights are the preferred lighting choice. Using these LED lights will help save on costs and time because they do not have to be replaced as often nor use as much energy as traditional light bulbs.

        LED lighting is versatile enough to achieve any desired brightness, color, or color temperature. This trait allows them to be incorporated into any outdoor landscape lighting design to illuminate its beauty.

       One thing is for sure, LED lighting is going to light the future.


Hardscape Lighting


        Outdoor landscape lighting designs include softscapes and hardscapes. Hardscapes are elements in an outdoor space that are not living. Examples of hardscapes include stone walls, decks, pathways, pool areas, patios, and more.

        With more people spending time outdoors, hardscape lights are a great way to increase safety and enhance the aesthetics of an outdoor area. They can be used to light pathways, outdoor living areas, and give the surrounding hardscape depth and visual appeal at night.


Smart Lighting


        Smart lighting has allowed for a set it and forget it mentality. They can be set to any specification desired. The lights can be controlled within the palm of your hand. For example, smart lights can be set to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. They come in many different colors. Choose the colors of the light to set the mood.

        Having smart lighting can act as a deterrent and can enhance safety and security of a property by automatically turning on when night falls or when it detects movement.

        Smart lighting is a perfect addition to enhance security and create a unique atmosphere for an outdoor space.  




        A popular technique in outdoor landscape lighting is downlighting. There are many ways to use downlights in an outdoor landscape lighting design. One popular and on trend technique is moonlighting.

        Moonlighting gives the same effect as the moon’s natural light. To achieve the moonlighting effect, install downlights in trees about 20 feet to 30 feet above the ground. When they cast their light, the beams go down through the tree’s leaves and branches. This results in interesting shadows and gives an ethereal glow to an outdoor environment. 

        Moonlighting an outdoor space is a great way to be trendy in 2024.


Bistro Lights


        Bistro lights are used to brighten up an outdoor space, giving a whimsical and delicate feel. 

         These bistro lights are also customizable; they come in many colors, bulb shapes, and lengths. Depending on what the desired atmosphere is, bistro lights can help achieve it. 

        These bistro lights are perfect to light and decorate many outdoor areas such as gazebos, decks, or patios.




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