Installing Well Lights for a Stunning Outdoor Setting

        To give any property or outdoor space that added touch of sophistication and illumination at night, consider installing outdoor landscape lights.

        Well lights in particular are a popular light fixture. With a sleek and discreet design, they are perfect to highlight features such as walls, pathways, tall trees, or driveways.

        This week’s blog post will dive a little deeper into well lights, give insight into the installation process, and offer tips to ensure a radiant lighting set up and positive outdoor experience.


What are Well Lights?


        Well lights are outdoor lights that are installed in the ground. The lens of this particular outdoor light fixture is flush with the ground. Due to its design, well lights are concealed which offer a clean aesthetic during the day. At night, they offer beams of guiding light and increase curb appeal.

        Well lights are designed to be installed in the ground. They aren’t tripping hazards and are also less likely to be damaged by means such as lawn mowers or being driven over. These outdoor light fixtures are constructed from sturdy materials like brass, stainless steel, or have corrosion resistant nonmetallic canisters that would ensure their durability in an underground environment.


Benefits of Well Lights


         Well lights offer many benefits to an outdoor space such as increasing safety and security at night, while also adding visual appeal.

        A well lit space deters any unwanted visitors or trespassers to a property. For settings such as driveways, well lights provide safety for drivers and pedestrians by giving more light during the night. Well lights can be used to highlight unique features of an outdoor space such as stone columns, statues, tall trees, or pathways.

        With these benefits, it’s easy to see why well lights stand out as an excellent option for outdoor landscape.


How to Install Well Lights


        Specific installation instructions depend on the well lights used and the space where they are to be installed. However, the below are general guidelines when it comes to installing well lights to any outdoor space.

  • Determine placement and spacing of the well lights before installing them, by creating a layout of the space. Doing so will help avoid any mistakes, extra work, decide which well lights are best suited for the space, and how many of them are needed to light up the space.
  • Gather all materials needed for the installation such as the well lights, cable, connectors, transformer, wire stripper, tape measure, shovel, and other safety equipment.
  • Keep the area clear and clean to avoid any accidents or mistakes.
  • Cut off power supply before installing the well lights to prevent anyone from getting hurt.
  • Use tape measure to mark positioning of the lights.
  • Dig trenches that are slightly bigger than the well lights.
  • Level the ground and install conduit if necessary.
  • Fill in the trenches with soil or gravel.
  • Measure and cut the cable to the length needed. Connect it to the transformer, securing it with cable clips or stakes.
  • Mount the fixtures in positions that were predetermined. Connect them to the cable and secure them in the ground.
  • Bury the cable.
  • Once everything is installed, check to see that the connections are properly made and the lights are functioning.


Tips for Well Light Installation


        Some tips to keep in mind when installing well lights to ensure their longevity and optimum performance:

  • Choose well lights with a high drive-over rating to ensure they aren’t damaged when a vehicle drives over them.
  • Regularly check the well lights for any dirt or debris that could block their illumination.
  • Inspect for any damages in wire, wire connections, or burnt-out bulbs. Replace as soon as possible.
  • Use waterproof connections.
  • Avoid over-illumination and aiming the light directly into people’s viewpoints.



Well Lights Available Now at LightCh8in


        Installing well lights is a great idea as they provide a sense of safety and security in a variety of outdoor settings such as driveways, pathways, or entrances at night. Because well lights are installed with the lenses flush to the ground, they can be a stylish, yet discreet way to add lighting to any space.

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