8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

        Gone are the snow jackets and thick sweaters as the weather heats up and the days get longer. After a winter of spending most of the time indoors, it’s only natural to want to now spend time outdoors with family or loved ones. Outdoor landscape lights extend the usability of these outdoor spaces into the nighttime hours. But during the winter months, outdoor landscape lighting systems may have encountered issues that now need to be addressed before they can be properly used again for spring.

        This week’s blog post will focus on preparing outdoor landscape lighting systems  for the spring season.


8 Spring Maintenance Tips

        How does one determine if an outdoor landscape lighting system is ready for spring? Follow these tips to ensure that the outdoor landscape lighting system is ready to shine for spring and all of the festivities it will bring.

  1. Check for Damage Caused by Winter: Inspect the outdoor light fixtures and cables for any signs of damage by the harsh winter weather or animals. If there is damage, replace the cable or light fixture as soon as possible.
  2. Evaluate Functionality: Turn on the lights and watch for any flickering or dimming. Assess voltage at each light fixture to ensure it is getting the appropriate amount. If there is any deviance, replace the lights to ensure safety and proper operation.
  3. Inspect the Transformer: Look out for any loose wires or other disturbances. Fix promptly to ensure functionality.
  4. Clear Away Debris: Keep lights bright and fresh by removing any debris that is blocking the fixture or cut back vegetation that has grown to block the light.
  5. Clean Light Fixtures: Clear away snow, salt, and dirt from the light fixtures and lenses to maintain optimal brightness and functionality. Use mild dish detergent, glass cleaner, and a soft cloth to wash. Consider waxing or polishing lighting fixtures to give them a bit more protection.
  6. Check the Timers: If there is a timer attached to the outdoor landscape lighting system, double check it is set to the appropriate times after daylight savings. Doing so will ensure the lights turn on when they are needed and turned off when they are not.
  7. Create a Regular Maintenance Schedule: Making time to maintain the outdoor landscape lighting fixture will ensure that the system is always operational and that problems do not grow bigger as time goes on.
  8. Prepping for the Future: As spring is the time for beginnings and evolution, evaluate the current system. Are there areas that need to be improved? Has the landscape been changed, which will warrant a change in outdoor lighting? If so, create a plan to incorporate the changes.


Glow Up This Spring with LightCh8in  


        With the warmer weather comes a greater desire to spend time outdoors. To ensure optimal performance of the outdoor lights in the spring season, it isn’t a bad idea to go over and inspect the lights to fix any problems that occurred during the winter. Then you can enjoy the outdoor space at any time of the day or night!

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