The Significance of ETL Certification in Outdoor Lighting

        Safety is a top priority when installing outdoor landscape lights. How can installers and consumers confirm if an outdoor lighting product is safe? The answer is to check if the outdoor light fixture is ETL certified. If it is, it will have an ETL Listed mark. Outdoor landscape lighting products that are ETL certified are safe to use and will give installers and consumers alike a peace of mind about installing outdoor landscape lights. 

        In this blog, discover what being ETL Listed means and why installers and contractors should opt for ETL certified outdoor landscape light fixtures in their outdoor landscape lighting installations.


What is an ETL Certification?


        The ETL certification and the ETL Listed mark has been around since 1896. Founded by founded by Thomas Edison and originally named the Lamp Testing Bureau, the organization was later renamed the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL). It started with testing the safety of light bulbs, but has since expanded to testing the safety of a wide range of electronic products.

        A  company called Intertek currently operates the ETL. They are a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL). NRTLs are regulated and recognized by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). ETL tests and then issues an ETL Listed. An ETL Listed mark means that the product has met and complied with the minimum safety standards required of it after undergoing a set of safety tests. An ETL Listed mark is a widely accepted indication that a particular product is safe for public use.


Why is ETL Certification Important in Outdoor Landscape Lighting?


        A ETL certification is important for items like outdoor landscape lighting, because it confirms that a particular outdoor light fixture is safe for use outdoors. Consumers, installers, and suppliers have confidence that the product is in compliance with safety standards set out by UL. After all, products with an ETL Listed mark meet the necessary and relevant national standards and minimum requirements for safety. Having an ETL Listed mark can also indicate whether an outdoor light fixture can help guide its use in certain settings such as in dry, damp, or wet locations. 

        Knowing that an outdoor light fixture is safe to use in an outdoor space reduces anxiety, increases safety for those around the fixture or in the outdoor space, and can prevent the installation of the wrong outdoor light fixtures, thus saving time and money.


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