The Essential Components for an Outdoor Landscape Lighting System

        Having an outdoor landscape lighting system provides many advantages for a property. Good lighting in an outdoor space can create a mood or ambiance, deter unwanted visitors, and aid in navigating through the area in the dark. With all these reasons, investing in a high-quality low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system is a smart choice.

        This blog will provide insight into the main components of a low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system to provide the best lighting solution for an outdoor space.


Why Choose a Low-voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting System?


         For outdoor landscape lighting, there are two ways to power the lighting system: line voltage and low-voltage.

        Line voltage uses 120V and is the standard power that is used inside residential buildings. While it is more powerful, it can require more technical know-how to install outdoor landscape lighting using line voltage.

        For a low-voltage outdoor lighting system, the use of a transformer makes it safer to handle and install light fixtures because it reduces the 120V to 12V. For property owners, a low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system can be easier to maintain and modify if necessary.


Components of a Low-voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting System 


        There are five components to a low-voltage outdoor lighting system:

  • Transformer 
    • A transformeris necessary for a low-voltage outdoor lighting system, because it takes power from the source, usually 120V and reduces it to 12V, which is manageable and safer. To choose a transformer, first figure out how many lights are going to be needed for the outdoor landscape lighting system. Depending on the electrical load of the outdoor lighting system, more than one transformer may be needed. Be sure to choose the right transformer for a low-voltage outdoor lighting system to prevent injury or death.
  • Light Fixtures
    • Outdoor landscapelight fixtures are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. There are many types of outdoor light fixtures and each light fixture is designed for a specific purpose. For example, underwater lights are used to illuminate water features and deck lights can be used to light an outdoor deck. Consider the material the outdoor light fixtures are constructed from and their IP rating to determine which light fixtures would be the most suitable for an outdoor space.  
  • Light Bulbs
    • Many different kinds of light bulbssuch as MR, PAR, halogen, and LED bulbs are available to choose from. Each type of bulb has their pros and cons. They also come in a variety of different wattages, sizes, color temperature, and more. Choose the correct light bulbs to deliver the desired effect. 
  • Cable
    • Direct burial cablewould be the best choice for connecting low-voltage transformers to the outdoor light fixtures. This type of cable is specially designed to withstand the challenges of being buried underground. Direct burial cables come in several sizes, called gauges. Carrying capacity, amount of current that needs to be conducted, and distance are all factors to consider when choosing the gauge of cable for installation of outdoor landscape lighting.
  • Cable Connectors
    • There are different types of cable connectors From wire nuts to T tap wire connectors, choose the connectors that are going to be the most suitable for the low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting system.


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