What are Outdoor Landscape Well Lights?

        Outdoor landscape lighting is one way to increase a property’s safety, aesthetics, and value. With all the different types of outdoor lighting fixtures there are, it can be daunting to know where to start. Having lighting professionals will be beneficial in determining what lights will look best in an outdoor environment.

        One popular outdoor light fixture is the well light. This blog will delve into what well lights are, what makes them different from up lights, and how to utilize them in order to best light up outdoor features at night.


What are the Differences Between Well Lights and Up Lights?


        Both well lights and up lights are both outdoor landscape light fixtures that direct a beam of light upwards. However, the design and installation of these outdoor landscape light fixtures are distinct from one another. 

        Up lights are installed with the whole light fixture above the ground. They are usually installed at the base of tall structures such as trees.

        Well lights are also known as in-ground lights. They are installed below the ground, allowing well lights to be discreet. The lens of the well lights lay flat on the surface of the ground. 


Key features of Outdoor Landscape Well Lights 


        The distinct design of well lights keeps the light fixture itself out of view, while providing the necessary light. The concealed design also prevents trips, falls, or damage to the light fixture itself.

        Here are three essential tips for outdoor landscape well lights:


  • Choose well lights that are designed and built to withstand the challenging environment of being underground, such as brass. Well lights at LightCh8inhave a corrosion resistant non-metallic canister to further protect the well light.
  • A variety of different styles, designs, and face plates for well lights are available to suit any landscape design.
  • Perform regular maintenance by clearing any debris, dirt, or snow to ensure optimal performance of the light fixture.  


        Installing well lights will give any outdoor environment the final touch of elegance and sophistication.



Ideal Placement for Outdoor Landscape Well Lights


        Due to the versatility of well lights, they can be used in various outdoor locations: 

  • Driveways or pathways: Due to their flush installation, well lights are perfect for outdoor areas with plenty of foot and auto traffic as they won’t obstruct movement. 
  • Boundaries of an Outdoor Space: Placed along the edge of a raised platform, they can mark boundariesof an outdoor space or an elevation change along the pathway. 
  • Unique Outdoor Features: From columns, arches, trees, flag poles, and more, highlight them all using well lights. 
  • Wall Wash: Well lights are an excellent option to light building exteriors, fences, or hedges. 
  • Entrances: Use them to light up front entrances and garages to add style and increase security for these areas.


        No matter where well lights are placed, be rest assured that they offer a compact, discreet, yet stylish way to light up any outdoor space.


Explore our Selection of Well Lights at LightCh8in


        Well lights are installed flush to the ground and are discreet. They shine a beam of light upward and are a great way to provide lighting for any outdoor environment. Well lights are perfect to light many outdoor landscape and architectural features, like trees, driveways, and garages.

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