What to Know About Path Lights?

        During the day, the bright sunshine makes it easy to appreciate everything about an outdoor space, like how beautiful the surrounding flora and architectural structures are. It is also easy to spot hazards. But at night, these features are hidden.

        That is where outdoor landscape path lights come in. These low-voltage landscape path lights are ideal to remedy the obstacles that night brings to an outdoor environment. 


What are Path Lights?


        Setting up path lights along a walkway will prevent harm from occurring when traversing through an outdoor area at night.   

        Path lights come in many different styles and materials. There are path lights that have an elaborate style and there are ones with a minimalist design. They are also made from a variety of materials. Brass is a commonly chosen material for constructing path lights because it is durable and can patina over time, which leaves the fixture with an appealing look. Brass landscape path lights are perfect for enhancing the safety or aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. 

        With so many options, it is easy to find path lights to provide safety while also complement any aesthetic or outdoor environment.


Benefits of Path Lights in an Outdoor Environment


        Outdoor path lighting serves many purposes such as:

  • Providing safety. They make it easier to see the pathway or other hazards in the dark.
  • Increasing the aesthetic value of an outdoor environment. Think about the position of path lights so they can highlight gardens, statues, and other features in an outdoor space.
  • Modern outdoor path lighting has the added benefit of having technological features such as smart app integration or built in motion sensors. With smart apps, the lights can be controlled with a single touch. Set the lights to turn on or off at certain times, the brightness of the lights, and more. Doing so can also help save on energy costs. Motion sensors also help with the set-it-and-forget-it mindset and keep any unwanted visitors away.

        With these benefits, it is hard to argue against installing path lights in an outdoor area.



Choosing the Perfect Path Lights


        Path lights illuminate walkways during the night. But when deciding which path lights to choose, it is also best to keep in mind the features of the landscape and the purpose of the outdoor space.  

        Take into consideration how path lights can be used to enhance the existing environment. How would they benefit from being lit as well? Would it bring more beauty to the outdoor space? For example, path lights can light up not just a walkway, but the surrounding area such as plants, hardscape, or other features.

        Use path lights in tandem with other types of outdoor landscape lighting such as down lights, up lights, and floodlights. The combination of lights could create a unique and safe atmosphere.

        Installation of path lights can create a pleasant, inviting, and safe outdoor environment.  


Best Positioning for Path Lights


        Placement of path light matters. Almost everyone agrees that path lights look best when they are staggered along a pathway, about 10-15 feet apart. This placement and position of the path lights will be the most functional and aesthetically pleasing. It showcases not only the path, but any interesting plants, hardscapes, statues, or other surrounding features. 

        If the path lights are outside windows, be extra wary of their placements and brightness. The glare of the light can be bothersome as people move about the room or are seated.

        Play around with the positioning of path lights as there will be different requirements for each outdoor space. Choose one that will not only provide sufficient lighting, but be aesthetically appealing as well.


Path Lights at LightCh8in


        Outdoor path lights are the perfect choice to light up an outdoor space to give a sense of safety and enhance its natural beauty. The versatility of outdoor path lights allow for their use anywhere. For example, use path lights to light up gardens, pool areas, and a front entryway. Anywhere that needs light, a path light is there to illuminate.

        Don’t wait to light up your paths! Sign into your LightCh8in account or register for an account now. Explore our vast inventory of path lights and more, perfectly suitable to light up any outdoor environment.