When It’s Time to Replace Low-Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

        An outdoor landscape lighting system is an essential element to any property. Having an exceptional and functional outdoor landscape lighting system enhances a property’s safety, security, and aesthetic value.

        While the lifespan of outdoor landscape lighting systems can be long-lasting, eventually they will need to be replaced. 

        This blog will delve into five signs to replace outdoor lights and lighting fixtures.


Sign #1: Damaged Lights and/or Fixtures


        One of the biggest signs to replace outdoor lights and lighting fixtures is if there is damage to the lights or fixtures. 

        Check light bulbs and light fixtures on a regular basis for any damages or broken parts. Exposed wiring, flickering lights, rust, and other obvious signs of wear and tear could potentially harm the functionality of the light or light fixtures.

        Having damaged lights and fixtures may not just be an eyesore, but can be safety hazards if not taken care of right away.


Sign #2: It’s Been Awhile


        If well installed, the lifespan of outdoor lights and outdoor landscape fixtures can be substantial. But substantial does not mean indefinite. Regular wear and tear as well as being in an outdoor environment will affect how the lights and lighting fixtures function as time goes on. Even with regular maintenance and checks, deterioration of these lights and lighting fixtures is inevitable. 

        Replacing the lights and lighting fixtures in a timely manner will prevent  safety hazards in the outdoor space during the nighttime hours.


Sign #3: Changes to the Landscape


        Outdoor landscapes can be modified to better align with the evolving preferences or practical requirements for the outdoor space.

        New elements such as trees and plants or man-made structures such as a gazebo, can be added to an outdoor landscape. Using outdoor landscape lights can enhance these additions. For example, bistro lights can add an ethereal and whimsy feel to an outdoor deck. Underwater lights can turn an outdoor pool area into a breathtaking entertainment area. Up lights can highlight new focal points in the outdoor space.

        As the landscape changes, new focal points or exterior living spaces present exciting opportunities for lighting options. 


Sign #4: New Modern Updates


        Technological advancements and updates in outdoor landscape lighting have led to enhancements in the overall efficiency, creative expression, and user experience in outdoor landscape lighting.

  • LEDlight bulbs have become more energy efficient, allowing for savings on energy bills. 
  • Smart app integration allows for easier control over the lights. Color temperature, brightness, when the lights turn on or off,and more are all controlled with a simple push of a
  • New, modern styles and designs of lights and lighting fixtures allow for more creativeand artistic 

       With these advancements and modern updates, it is not difficult to transform any outdoor area into a place of beauty. 


Sign #5: Dark Areas


         Dark areas in an outdoor space at night are not ideal. These areas can lead to unsafe navigation and people could potentially get hurt. 

        These dark areas could mean that the lights and/or the fixtures have been damaged, reached the end of its lifetime, or are symptoms of other issues. 

        Install new fixtures or upgrade outdoor landscape lights in these areas to increase the visibility and safety of an outdoor area. One example is to use flood lights to light up dark areas and deter trespassers. Path lights are another great way to add curb appeal and illuminate pathways for safe travels during the nighttime hours. 

        Have outdoor spaces illuminated effectively by addressing dark areas promptly.



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