Why choose Floodlights as outdoor landscape lights?

What are Flood Lights?


        When lighting up an outdoor space, there are many outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to choose from. Flood lights are one of the many options. They come in many different designs, styles, colors and finishes so that finding the perfect flood light for a lighting project should be simple.

        This post will reveal what flood lights are, features of flood lights, and how they can be used in an outdoor environment to turn it into a magical landscape at night.


How are Flood Lights Defined?


        As the name of the lighting fixture suggests, think of flood lights as flooding a large outdoor area with light. Flood lights have a wide beam spread, which ranges from 60 degrees to 120 degrees. Some flood lights can even have a beam spread of 140 degrees. This large beam spread allows for the illumination of a larger space. Flood lights are used to give a soft glow of light which has the effect of moonlight in the night sky. Unlike up lights that have a narrow beam of light and therefore give more focus to one particular spot or area in an outdoor space, flood lights are able to give even lighting to an outdoor area.


Advantages of Using Flood Lights

        Using flood lights will help to create a unique atmosphere for an outdoor space. There are multiple ways to use flood lights. For example, set up flood lights to light up backgrounds, the in-between areas lit up by up lights, or anywhere else that needs a wash of light or soft glow.

        One interesting reason to use flood lights is that they add depth and dimension to an outdoor space. To do so, use flood lights to highlight architectural elements such as columns, arches, or textured walls.  

        Another interesting way to use flood lights is to create shadows and silhouettes by using them to light trees, sculptures, or other features. The shadows and silhouettes will create visually stunning focal points.

        Like other outdoor landscaping lights, flood lights can also serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Flood lights can be used to light up pathways and other obstacles to protect people traversing through the outdoor space.

        One tip is to vary the use of flood lights with other outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. This will help give an outdoor space its own unique feel and vibe.

        Flood lights are perfect to illuminate a variety of areas and features of an outdoor space such as trees, tall structures, house facades, planter areas, short retaining walls, step landings, signs, vast spaces or any other area needing a soft glow.

        Use flood lights to illuminate and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. No matter what flood light you’re searching for, LightCh8in has a variety of flood lights to choose from. These flood lights have a solid cast brass construction, a machined brass thumb screw to adjust the angle of the light, and other features that make them the best choice for any outdoor landscape lighting project.


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