What are Up Lights?

        Up lights are also known as accent lights or spotlights. Up lights can be used to create depth, drama, and highlight specific elements in an outdoor space. They are installed at ground level, have a 45 degree beam spread, and shoot a narrow beam of light upwards. Up lights have many benefits including being used to highlight tall structures in an outdoor area such as trees, walls, arches, doorways, statues, and more. 

        Up light fixtures come in many different designs and styles. It is easy to find an up light fixture that complements any home or style.


Key Features of Up Lights


        Up lights can be constructed from brass or aluminum and come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles. Up lights constructed from high quality materials can ensure their durability and longevity. They are built to withstand the challenges presented by the changing seasons and climates. Many up lights are also adjustable, making it easy to control where the light goes and give focus to a specific element. Their versatility ensures that no matter what a lighting project calls for, there is an up light designed to fulfill that task. 


What are the benefits of Up Lights?


        Up lights are essential to creating ambiance, increase security, and livability of an outdoor space.

        Up lights can create shadows and emphasize textures of an object such as a tree or statue. In doing so, they can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary focal points and increase the overall ambiance of an outdoor space.

        Strategically placed up lights can also enhance the security of an outdoor space. They can be placed along pathways, driveways, or entry ways to ensure safe navigation and drive away potential intruders. 

        Not only do up lights enhance the feeling of security, but they can also increase a property’s value. Well-placed up lights can highlight the architectural and landscape features of a property, making it even more attractive to visitors and potential buyers.

        Up lights can help keep the party going. Settings such as patios, decks, and gardens are transformed into magical areas for relaxation or entertainment even when the sun sets and the stars cast their light into the night. 

It is clear to see that up lights, by simply casting a beam of light upwards, can serve various purposes.


Where should up lights be placed?

        Look around the outdoor space. What makes it special? Are there tall trees, structures like flag poles or statues, or an interesting doorway? If so, consider placing up lights around these features to highlight and draw attention to them. 

        Play around with the positioning and angles of the light to see what effects they bring. Choose the effect that best suits your needs for the outdoor space.


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