Why Choose Low-voltage direct burial cable for Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

        When deciding on a cable for an outdoor landscape lighting project, it is imperative to choose the correct cable to comply with safety rules and ensure a long lasting lighting installation. 

        For low-voltage lighting installations, a low-voltage direct burial cable would be the best choice. Direct burial cables are different from other outdoor-rated cables. As its name suggests, direct burial cable can be buried directly into the ground. They do not need to be placed into a conduit, though doing so can provide additional protection. Low-voltage direct burial cable is specifically designed and tested to endure the challenges of being in an underground environment. 

        LightChain offers a selection of low-voltage direct burial cable in various sizes, including 10AWG, 12AWG, 14AWG, and 16AWG. They are available in 100 feet, 250 feet, and 500 feet. Our cables are low energy consumption, water-resistant, and their stranded conductors are made from 99.99% copper. The cable jackets are made from durable black PVC with a flat parallel construction. Most importantly, all of the low-voltage direct burial cables are UL Listed. 

The low-voltage direct burial cables at LightChain can withstand extreme environments and are perfectly suited for any landscape lighting project.