What Cable is Best for Outdoor Landscape Lighting?
        Before starting an outdoor landscape lighting project, it is best to use the correct materials for the installation. This includes thoroughly researching and carefully choosing the right bulbs, fixtures, accessories, and cable to ensure the installation not only complies with safety rules, but to create the desired effect. Choosing the right components will also help guarantee an enjoyable and long lasting lighting installation. 
What is Direct Burial Cable?
        When shopping around for cable that is suited for an outdoor landscape lighting installation, you will find that there are a variety of outdoor-rated cables to choose from. Each outdoor rated cable is specifically designed and tested to withstand being outdoors for an extended period of time. 
        However, the best choice for outdoor landscape lighting installations is a low-voltage direct burial cable. What sets direct burial cables apart from other outdoor-rated cables? 
        The main difference between other cables rated for outdoor use and one that is marked as a direct burial cable is in the name. Direct burial cable has built in protections that allow them to be buried directly into the ground.  
        Low-voltage direct burial cable is specifically designed and rigorously tested to withstand the unique challenges of being in an underground environment. This ensures their durability and reliability for outdoor landscape lighting installations.
What are the Advantages to Using Direct Burial Cable?
        The use of direct burial power cables is ideal for outdoor landscape lighting installations for multiple reasons. 
        The first reason is that being buried underground presents countless challenges such as moisture, soil acidity, and fluctuations in temperature. Direct burial power cables are designed and tested to protect against these challenges, ensuring that these cables are durable and reliable for outdoor landscape lighting.
        In addition, using direct burial cables in an installation can prove to be cost effective. Unlike other outdoor-rated cables, they do not have to be buried with conduit or other protective measures. 
        Another reason is that installation of direct burial cable is simple and easy since these cables can be buried directly into the ground.
        The most significant benefit of using direct burial cable is having a peace of mind. You have confidence that the cable is and will remain secure. With direct burial cables, you do not have to worry about the safety or longevity of a lighting installation.
What type of Direct burial power cable is offered at LightChain?
        LightChain offers a selection of low-voltage, clearly marked direct burial cable. The direct burial power cables are available in various sizes, including 10AWG, 12AWG, 14AWG, and 16AWG. They are available in 100 feet, 250 feet, and 500 feet to suit any sized lighting installation. The direct burial power cables are low energy consumption, water-resistant, and their stranded conductors are made from 99.99% copper. The cable jackets are made from durable black PVC with a flat parallel construction. Most importantly, all of the low-voltage direct burial power cables are UL Listed. 
        The low-voltage direct burial power cables at LightChain can withstand extreme environments and are perfectly suited for any outdoor landscape lighting project. 
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