Lighting Xeriscapes with Outdoor Landscape Lights

        Creating a unique, stunning, and eco-friendly outdoor space is easy. One way to do so is by switching to xeriscapes. Xeriscapes have grown in popularity over recent years, especially in areas of high drought.

        This week’s blog post will dig into xeriscapes, how to design a stunning xeriscape, and how to best light them up for nighttime.


What is a Xeriscape?


        Xeriscapes, which literally translates to dry landscape, is a term coined by the Denver Water Department in the 1980s. It combines the Greek “xero” with “scape” in landscape. Xeriscaping refers to a type of landscaping that aims to reduce the amount of water used to maintain it, especially when compared to conventional softscapes.

        And it’s not just for the aesthetics. Switching to xeriscapes can reduce water consumption which will help save on the water bill. There will be less time spent maintaining the lawn, which means more time can be spent for other things.

         Xeriscaping’s main goal is to conserve water while at the same time, give many options to create a stunning outdoor space.  


How to Create a Xeriscape


        Xeriscaping is all about using native and drought resistant plants and grass species as they are best suited for the local environment, soil, and climate that they are going to be planted in. These plants will help minimize the need to water them as much or as often as non-native grasses or plants. Choose from plants such as succulents, honeysuckle, white poplar trees, heather, purple lovegrass, and more. A local nursery or a quick search on the Internet for native plants will reveal even more localized options.

        Further the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the xeriscape by grouping the plants together based on their water and sunlight requirements. This method allows efficient water management and irrigation techniques. This will help ensure the growth and good health of the plants.

        Mulch is also a very popular element in xeriscaping. It is used to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature, which further contributes to water conservation efforts.

        Effortlessly create a personalized and unique xeriscape for any property with the limitless possibilities!


Ways to Light Xeriscapes with Outdoor Lights


        Each xeriscape will become a distinctive and unique outdoor environment, therefore lighting techniques will differ. But here are some tips to strategically place outdoor lights in a xeriscape to enhance its beauty:

  • Use outdoor path lightsto light any walkway through the area. Place them along the path to not only light it up, but also the surrounding flora or any other interesting ground-level feature.
  • Downlights placed high in trees cast a lovely moonlit effect downwards, giving the area below an ethereal feel.
  • Up lightsare great to highlight features such as trees, statues, or flagpoles.
  • Give fountains and other water features a colorful glow with underwater lights.
  • Embedding hardscape lightswill provide additional light for seating or retaining walls.

        When it comes to ways to light up a xeriscape, don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with light fixtures and their placements to find out which works best for a particular xeriscape.


Light Up Any Xeriscape with LightCh8in


        With an increased mindfulness of being eco-friendly, xeriscapes have become a more popular way to decorate an outdoor space. The main aim of xeriscaping is to reduce the amount of water used. But xeriscapes aren’t just about having a desert aesthetic. Softscapes can be incorporated by planting native flora, those that use less amounts of water, or hardscapes. Add outdoor landscape lights to let that space further shine at night.

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