Time to Shine with Outdoor Landscape Light Timers

        From enhancing safety and security to adding a touch of glamor and sophistication, outdoor lighting can do it all. But in order for them to be effective and efficient, they have to be turned on and off at the appointed time. Installing a timer to work in conjunction with an outdoor landscape lighting system will improve its efficiency and save on energy costs.

        Find out more about timers for outdoor landscape light systems and how they can make the system more efficient in this week’s blog. 


What is a Timer?


        Timers are a way to enjoy having outdoor lights without worrying about them. A timer can help regulate the outdoor lights. No more worrying if the outdoor lights should be on or off. Timers can be set to a specific schedule or conditions such as sunrise or sunset. 

        Additional benefits to using timers are that they offer features such as remote access, programmable settings, integration with smart home systems, and offer advanced scheduling options.


Why Use a Timer?


        Having a timer for an outdoor lighting system has many benefits. The biggest benefit to automating the process of turning on and off the lights, is that lights are turned off when they are not needed. This helps reduce energy consumption and save on energy bills. Another benefit is that at night, it can help deter intruders by creating a well-lit environment. Additionally, once timers are set, they don't require constant monitoring and concerns about whether the lights are on or off are reduced.

        All timers have a different installation process. Some types of timers may require manual adjustments while other types can automatically adjust for changing light conditions. Cost of a timer depends on what features they offer. They may require maintenance to ensure they are operating correctly.


Types of Outdoor Light Timers


        There are many different types of timers, each with their own pros and cons. The key is to choose a timer that works best for the needs for an outdoor landscape lighting system. Some different types of timers for outdoor landscape lighting systems are:

  • Mechanical Timers: These timers are cost effective, easy to set up, and relatively easy to use. Manually adjust dials or pins to set the time the outdoor lights go on or off. Some cons to using a mechanical timer are that they rely on a supply of power and may need to be reset after a power outage. They also need to be manually changed for daylight savings time.
  • Digital Timers: These timers have more advanced features than mechanical timers. Options such as setting the time for different days and the capability to adjust for daylight savings time, allow for greater control and flexibility over setting up a light schedule. They are not as simple as setting up mechanical timers, but still, set istypically straightforward. Batteries for digital timers may need to be replaced periodically.
  • Smart Timers: These timers can be connected to a smartphone app, which offers ease and convenience over control of outdoor lights. They may be reliant on having astrong WiFi connection.
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Timers: These timers can automatically control when the lights go on or off based on natural light conditions. Dusk-to-Dawn timers have this ability because they have a light sensor integrated into them which will turn on the lights when it detects darkness and turn off the lights when enough sunlight is detected. They may need to be checked in on regularly to ensure no debris or shade interfere with its functionality.
  • Astronomical Timers: These types of timers offer more advanced capabilities even more than digital timers. They work depending on its geographical location. Astronomical timers therefore, have the ability to automatically adjust for daylight savings time and they can calculate sunrise and sunset times. They may require more space than other types of timers, programming these timers may be more difficult, and their batteries need to be replaced every 2 years.

        No matter which timer is chosen, all timers are dependable and ensure that an outdoor landscape lighting system is operating at an optimal level.


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        The efficiency of an outdoor landscape lighting system can be increased by using a timer. Timers regulate when the outdoor lights are turned on or off, thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. From astronomical to digital to mechanical timers, there is a timer to suit any outdoor landscape lighting system’s needs.

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