Tips for Making a Splash with Outdoor Pool Lighting

        The gloomy winter clouds drift by, only to be replaced by bluer skies. Longer days and warmer weather on the horizon mean only one thing: it’s time to take a dip in the pool!

        Outdoor lighting can enhance the safety and aesthetics of any outdoor pool area, transforming it into the perfect spot to hang out during the warm days and nights. From enhancing the ambiance of a pool party to preventing accidents or falls, a well-lit pool is essential to any summer’s day.

        This week’s blog offers tips to light up an outdoor pool to make it shine even brighter than before.


Why Light up Swimming Pools?


        Installing pool lights and outdoor landscape lights ensures the well-bring of household members, guests, and pets. The lights will enable people to see while swimming and mark the pool’s boundaries at night.

        The area surrounding the swimming pool also needs to be illuminated for safety. Path lights are perfect to light up any walkway to or from the pool. Hardscape lights could be integrated into seating or stairs to light them up.

        In addition for safety reasons, swimming pool lights and outdoor landscape lights can help create a mood. For example, some swimming pool lights can change colors, which can create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

        All in all, a well-illuminated pool area elevates the ambiance and ensures a secure environment.


How to Light Up Swimming Pools


        There is no one right way to light up a swimming pool as it largely depends on personal preferences and the size, design, and shape of the pool. A smaller pool might need fewer lights than a bigger pool and an irregular shaped pool might need more lights than a regular shaped pool. However, there are some general guidelines for proper placement of the lighting fixtures in pools as it is crucial for safety and aesthetics.

  • Highlight the pool’s perimeter, entry, and exit points with integrated interior pool lights.
  • Avoid glare and issues with overheating by positioning underwater lights  between 4-18 inches below the surface of the water.  
  • The pool’s liner, its color, and desired brightness will also influence the number and type of lights needed to light the pool. For example, white pool liners will need fewer lights since they reflect light, while darker liners will need more as they will absorb light.
  • Different types ofpool lights cast varying degrees of brightness, which will also determine the number of lights needed to achieve the desired illumination.

        The way in which to light a pool will ultimately be dependent on enhancing the uniqueness of each pool to create a personalized oasis.


Tips for Swimming Pool Lighting


        Here are additional tips to keep in mind when creating a lighting plan to illuminate a pool and the surrounding area:

  • LED lights are energy efficient, long lasting, and offer color-changing options. Although more expensive than other bulbs upfront, LED lights will pay for themselves in the savings on energy bills and play a vital role in enhancing the space's atmosphere.
  • A professional installer will ensure compliance with regulations and help create a lighting design that will work best for a particular pool and its space.
  • Add outdoor lighting to the area surrounding the pool to enhance the overall ambiance and safe navigation of the complete space. Flood lights, down lights, and string lights can create an aesthetically pleasing space. Path lights and well lights can help guide guests to entrances and exits.
  • Keep in mind the angle of illumination to avoid glare and prevent light from encroaching on viewing positions.


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        Proper lighting ensures safety around and inside the pool and the surrounding area. Keeping it visible will help prevent accidental falls or other harm from occurring. The right outdoor landscape lights could do double duty by also setting the mood for a relaxing night or a lively pool party.

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