Navigating IP Ratings for Outdoor Landscape Lights

        Each outdoor space has its own set of challenges. Outdoor landscape lighting has to be able to withstand these challenges. One factor to consider when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures is its IP rating.

        IP ratings are a helpful way to determine which outdoor landscape light fixtures will be suitable for an outdoor space. This blog will demystify what IP ratings are and how they can be used to determine the appropriate outdoor landscape lighting for any outdoor environment, ensuring a long lasting outdoor landscape lighting system.

What is an IP Rating?


        The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is responsible for “establishing the terms and measurements for ratings of electrical apparatus and machines.” IP stands for “ingress protection.” An IP rating “grade[s] the resistance of an enclosure against the intrusion of dust or liquids.” Only IEC-certified companies can issue IP ratings.

        A standard IP rating is four characters long, beginning with two letters (IP) followed by two numbers. An IP rating can be a combination of any of the numbers. An example of what an IP rating looks like is IP65.

        The first number in an IP rating ranges from 0 to 6. It rates how protected a product is from objects ranging from something as big as a finger to something as small as dust. A rating of 0 indicates no protection and a rating of 6 indicates that the product is “dust-tight.”

        The second number in an IP rating ranges from 0 to 9. It rates how protected a product is against water or moisture. A rating of 0 indicates that there is no protection and a rating of 9 indicates that it is protected against “high pressure and temperature water jets.”

        Manufacturers send in their products to be tested along with a declaration of the anticipated IP rating. After rigorous testing, an IP rating for that product is issued. Manufacturers can then add the rating to their product’s packaging, informing customers of its compatibility with an outdoor environment.

What IP Rating is Appropriate for Outdoor Landscape Lights?

        Outdoor landscape lighting needs to be protected against debris and water. IP ratings are a reliable way to identify a product’s protection level with higher numbers indicating better protection. 

        Generally, an IP44 rating for outdoor landscape lights should be appropriate. But keep in mind the outdoor area’s conditions. The most appropriate IP rating for outdoor landscape light fixtures depends on their application and where they are to be installed. If it does get wet or there is a higher risk of being damaged by large objects, opt for an outdoor landscape light fixture that has a higher IP rating. 

        For example, an underwater lighting fixture will have to have an IP rating of IP68, since it needs protection not just from debris, but from being underwater for an extended and continuous period of time. On the other hand, a path light can have a lower IP rating since path lights are not submerged in water. For path lights, an IP rating of IP65 will be adequate. 

        Understanding the specific challenges of the outdoor light fixture’s installation location and its IP rating helps to ensure that the chosen outdoor landscape light fixture has longevity and performs at optimal levels.

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        Be mindful of IP ratings when choosing outdoor landscape light fixtures to place in an outdoor space. IP ratings give insight into which outdoor light fixtures will be suitable for specific outdoor environmental challenges. Installing outdoor landscape light fixtures with the appropriate IP rating will ensure that they will withstand the test of time.

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