What are Hardscape Lights?

What is a hardscape?

        Creating an outdoor landscape lighting plan includes thinking of how to incorporate and blend various features of an outdoor area to create a beautiful and cohesive space. Oftentimes, outdoor spaces include softscapes such as trees, plants, shrubbery, and hardscapes. 

        A hardscape is anything in an outdoor space that is man-made and not living. Examples of hardscapes are concrete, stone, wood, decks, pools, statues, fences, pathways, and more.

        Hardscapes can provide much beauty and functionality to an outdoor area. For instance, an outdoor deck can provide additional living area or a fenced-in pool area could be another place to entertain guests. A cobblestone path could take you through a beautiful flower garden. Statues can be used to provide a focal point for the backyard. Additionally, walls could mark property boundaries. Hardscapes offer much versatility and options for optimizing an outdoor space.

But how do you light up hardscapes?

Why use outdoor hardscape lights? 

        Installing outdoor hardscape lighting can be trickier and require more technical know-how than installing softscape lighting. But it is essential to add some lights to your hardscape for multiple reasons. 

        The first reason is for safety. If your hardscape features steps, walls, or a path, you want to ensure that people can see them at night. Having additional lights around your area can also deter break-ins. 

        Another reason is that outdoor hardscape lights help extend the time spent with family or friends outdoors. Keep the party going, even when the sun goes down!   

        A final reason is that outdoor hardscape lighting can be a creative way to play with the shapes and shadows surrounding your hardscape, giving your outdoor space a unique look and feel.

        No matter your reasoning, there is an outdoor hardscape light to suit any outdoor hardscape!

Hardscape lights available at LightChain

        At LightCh8in, we have a variety of outdoor hardscape lights with two distinct construction options: aluminum and brass. 

Aluminum outdoor hardscape lights at LightCh8in are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. The lights are fully encapsulated 12V LEDs, are CRI 80+, and have a warm color temperature of 2700K. The driver is rated IP65 water-resistant ensuring durability of the fixture. Wattage options range from 0.5W to 1.5W and the lumens for these lights range from 45 lumens to 130 lumens. These aluminum outdoor hardscape lights are available in 3 inches, 7 inches, or 13 inches. 

The 7 inch, 9-17V brass outdoor hardscape lights at LightCh8in are made of brass and stainless steel construction. They are serviceable with two types of mounting brackets. The LEDs are fully encapsulated, with a CRI of 85+, and a driver that is IP65 water-resistant. Wattage options for these lights range from 1W to 4W, offer a warm color temperature of 2700K, and a lumens range of 100 lumens to 400 lumens. 

        All of the outdoor hardscape lights at LightCh8in are backed with a 10 year warranty ensuring the longevity and durability of your lighting installation. 

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